In Peace

I wrote this poem almost a year ago after switching to a vegetarian diet. After feeling a little judged for my decision (hey, I get it, chicken is tasty!) I wrote this poem as a response. It is not meant to be accusatory, just humorous and hopefully insightful to those of you who have difficulty understanding us leafy-eaters 🙂

“She just wants attention!”
Accuse my leering mockers,
As I order my green salad,
And they their tasty Whoppers.

“How do you get your protein?”
She asks in obvious disdain,
Before quickly changing topics,
Not even letting me explain.

“You’re missing out on life!”
He exclaims in total disbelief,
Comparing my bowl of quinoa
With his spaghetti and ground beef.

“But aren’t you a Christian?
God made animals for us to eat!”
My colleagues crow triumphantly,
Thinking they finally have me beat.

Throughout the day they scoff and scorn
Ridicule ensues at every meal.
Yet I keep silent, I keep the peace,
Though weary of their remarks I feel.

So when the day draws to a close,
I escape to my little paradise (my home),
I cuddle with my cat, I kiss my dog,
And I eat my food-

In peace.


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